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Rebel Teahouse's Take On Modern Bubble Tea

Bubble tea originated in Taiwan in the early 1980s, although its exact origin is a matter of some debate. As a refreshing tea-based beverage, bubble tea appealed to everyone, especially as the variety of toppings quickly expanded.

Three decades later, bubble tea is recognized and beloved throughout the world. In the past, Taiwanese vendors turned to non-dairy creamers and flavors due to pricing and storage issues. However, there is now an increasingly focus on premium products, fresh ingredients and transparent sourcing.

Rebel Teahouse stands at the forefront of that movement. By focusing on high quality, delicious taste and relentless innovation, Rebel Teahouse exists to spur the human connection through bubble tea and celebrate the everyday moments that make life fun.

We're an artisan bubble tea cafe, a modern interpretation of the ancient teahouses back in the day. Rather than a rarefied oasis of solitude and meditation, the teahouse historically served as a freewheeling hub of conversation and gossip, commerce and politics, and intrigue and fun - all over a pot of tea.

Fast forward a few centuries, we believe bubble tea cafes are the new teahouses. Through great drinks and vibes, we hope to add bold flavor to your moments, exceed expectations every single time and be a vibrant third space for human connection.

There's nothing better than bonding over boba. It's personalized fun in a cup, shaken just for you. Bubble tea allows you that freedom to be innovative and adventurous. After all, who knows your taste better than yourself?

So What Makes Us Different?

Sure, we make most of our syrups in-house. Yeah, we cook our boba for 90 minutes multiples times throughout the day. And we did kick non-dairy creamer out of the house so we can use only the freshest milk. Our premium matcha is indeed organic, sourced directly from Japan and absolute top-notch in its grade. We do also make our own foams and a lot of our other toppings from scratch.

That's all well and good - but that's not what makes us different.

Rebel Teahouse stands out because of our relentless focus on being different. We're choosy about what we put on our menu. We come up with a lot of recipes and then throw them all at the wall. We don't pick the ones that stick; we go with the ones that smash through the wall.

We don't want to just add some flavor to your day, we want to rock your entire world from the first sip to the last. To do that, we can't settle for good enough. It needs to be bold, high-quality and consistently special enough to stand out and be noticed - every single time.

In Rebellion,


Proprietress of Rebel Teahouse


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