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Otherwise known as tapioca pearls, boba is made of natural starch extracted from the cassava root. It's known as yuca in South America and occasionally called black bite-sized balls of joy here.

Nope! We don't deal in artificial powders. The two powders we use in our recipes are our premium organic matcha powder and our organic ube powder - only because we have to.

We use A2 creamline milk from Rock House Creamery, a family farm in Georgia. We even visited and interrogated their cows personally on their quality and personalities, then swiped right.

Sorry, we had to throw an Uncle Roger reference in there. No worries, we carry Lactaid, Califia almond milk or Oatly oat milk for the alternative milk-inclined.

Yup, all of them! In fact, we think this is one of the coolest things about us. We spend a lot of time and energy making syrups in-house to our exact standards.

Glad you asked *cough. Our matcha is not only premium, organic ceremonial grade, but it stands triumphant on top of its defeated colleagues. It's damn good, and it has the papers to prove it.

Every time we come up with a crazy new idea - so pretty often. The Rebel Drinks is for the hardcore, weird ones who think ordering a drink with a creepy Buddha's hand is somehow acceptable.

Not yet, but we will be. After all, it's the only way we can reliably get our own orders delivered to us on our couches at home on our off days.   

Nope. Boba is still as authentic and sweet as ever. It's more like third-wave boba, where we place a premium on quality, innovation, transparency and customer service. 



- everything you need to know to drink boba like a rebel pro -


FREE 2-hour parking in the parking garage 3 doors down the street from us. No validation needed, but we'll give you as much as you want if you need it. Street parking too.

Of course! It's how we can secretly binge-watch anime in the restrooms. The network is Rebel Teahouse. PW is simply "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious." Or "RTH"  - that works too.

There happens to be seating at a 2-person window ledge and 4 precious tables, all with outlet access.  We may add additional seating - if more people keep wanting to hang out with us.

You bet we do! It's 25% off for our amazing nurses, our military members and our fellow battle-hardened activists. 

Wow, really?! We mean, why not?! Sign up here to help us refine our recipes, including some of our more "experimental" attempts. Do not worry, your bravery and sacrifice will be remembered.

We support awesome causes such as CHARITY: WATER and FOCUS: Families of Children Under Stress. We donate 1% of our net proceeds every month to each cause.

Unfortunately, the health code are against letting your better half inside any eating or drinking establishment. However, we've got free water outside and dog treats inside, just ask! 

You get 10% of your drink, anytime you bring that Rebel Teahouse thermos in. You get another 10% off for bringing in our metal straw. If you just bring the straw, you get 10% off and a raised eyebrow.

Click here to tell us all about how you defeated the Huns, crossed the seas to save your people and made the radical choice to go to bed early on a Friday night instead of going out partying.



The deeply caramelized, chewy delicious goodness that is boba will rock your world, force you to question your very existence and make you ask mournfully, where have you been all my life?

Who is boba? Why is boba? The answers are the following: 1) Taiwan, 2) the name of our spirit animal and 3) see the philosophical question above.

Easy. The best time to grab bubble tea and really get the full delicious experience is when you're alive and breathing. Otherwise, we don't generally recommend it. Zombies have no taste buds.



Our small, handpicked crew of rebels are packing your dangerously awesome goods by hand. It usually takes 3 days, but if they're out bringing down an evil galactic empire - it may take 4-5.

Not yet. Our unstoppable influence of rebelliously good bubble tea hasn't spread outside the country (or state...or city...) yet - but it's only a matter of time!

We use UPS or of them. We always confuse them with each other. We should really figure that out one of these days.



We're located at ^2na$@jgx!#xp. If you're a spy or otherwise not in our circle of trust, you will merely see gibberish. Ha!

Okay, just let us know first if we need to sit down or something. ​
Email:  |  P (xxx) xxx-xxxx  |  @rebelteahouse

Absolutely. We're always down for a cool collab or a badass pop-up by awesome people. We'd love to know the details. Contact us, and we'll hit you back right away to get the ball rolling!



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