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Playing With Concrete At Rebel Teahouse!

It all starts with a solid foundation.

And ours is made of beautiful, gritty concrete. Throughout the week, it's been going through some pouring, grinding, polishing and sealing to look its best!

We also helped out a little bit and managed to sneak in a small carving of "REBEL" into the cement as it dried. Not to jinx ourselves, we're excited to say the construction remains on schedule for our possible soft opening next month. We'd love to invite you to it so please subscribe on our website so you don't miss the invite email from us!

Lastly, our first merch drop is available for pre-order, starting today! It comes in either black or soft pink, and we'll be able to ship them out or have them ready for pickup in a few weeks.

Get yours now before we run out because the quantity is limited!

In Rebellion,



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