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Halfway Through Rebel Teahouse's Build-Out!

Our space in Downtown Decatur already looks dramatically different from a week ago, and the best has yet to come!

The electricians and plumbers worked super hard to knock out all of their work and through their efforts, we passed the 2nd inspection. Also, the wall is up! Well, the frame of it is up, and it's still see-through...but you get the idea.

All of our fixtures, furniture and equipment have been ordered and are on their way. We've commissioned some amazing craftsmen to build our furniture and also have some dope mural ideas for our walls!

Lastly, we've been testing out our drink recipes on our contractors (thank you guys for that), and their feedback has been invaluable! If you're interested in being a part of that and want to taste some samples, we'd love to arrange a meet-up at our space to do just that!

Send us a dm to our IG @rebelteahouse, and we'll try to set something up!

In Rebellion,




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