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Bobarista Enthusiastically Encourages Voting for Her Holiday Cup

Breaking News!

Just after 2pm on Saturday afternoon at Rebel Teahouse, multiple eyewitnesses reported seeing a bobarista lobbing a jar at her co-worker in an attempt to gain more votes in the store's holiday cup contest.

The co-worker, who asked that her name not be mentioned in order to avoid retaliation, tearfully said, "Yeah, I barely managed to move my body out of the way."

Just moments earlier, the bobarista in question had commenced her athletic spree by launching a milk jug at another team member in the kitchen. This person refused to say anything to this reporter, only mentioning that it felt "like being hit in the back by a thousand bobas stuck together."

Just minutes later, the number of votes for this particular bobarista's cup entry in the contest increased by two. Coincidence? Furthermore, after herculean efforts and in-depth investigation, this intrepid reporter discovered that one of the bobarista's co-workers and competitors in the cup contest actually escaped the state entirely and will remain off-grid until after the contest ends.

Stay tuned as according to this reporter's sources, the cup contest runs till Christmas Eve, 12/24. With still a week left till the contest ends, one can only imagine what actions this bobarista will take next.

This is an ongoing investigation.

Update: At 2:43pm, the above-mentioned bobarista was overheard bribing customers with Hershey's Kisses in a blatant effort to win the highly competitive holiday cup contest.

Interested participants can cast their vote for their favorite holiday cup at Rebel Teahouse here:

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